23, white, queer, dmab
library science grad-student
i write music & poetry
lookit this qt

lookit this qt


—Epistle to Derroll (mono)

been listenin to a lot of donovan ever since spencer moved in

missed connections, indianapolis, october 2014. by l.r. mitchell


gas station eye catcher, gas station sparks, gas pump hottie,
fire still burning.

knee high boots, green jacket, your smile,
man, what a great look.

lunch in your lap, milky ways and marathons, large coffee, lots of cream,
lunch was great, but…

who are you? detective, coach,
you, yes, you.

i know, i know,
i’m only a cashier but… oh my god

i cleaned glass out of your eyes, i kept my hand over the light in my car
i kissed you then your friend.

still not sure what happened.

expectations, missed concoction, the god i am,
a friendless loser.

all the beautiful women who work downtown
off my chest.

does anybody ever actually order a “usual” at a restaurant/cafe? cos i tried that today, and it worked, and i was kinda surprised that someone who deals with hundreds of orders a day remembered mine.